Privacy Policy at Bet365 Bangladesh

Bet365 openly and honestly informs the customers how it manages the data that they share with us while using the services of the website. We aim to build a frank relationship with each of our customers, so we want you to study our Privacy Policy. By accepting it, you agree that you understand and accept the rules for the use of your Personal Data in the manner specified in the Policy. If you do not agree with these rules, please do not use the services of the website. Otherwise, share the asked details about yourself. 

Rules for the use of Personal Data of Bangladeshi users by Bet365 website

How we protect the customers’ details 

We guarantee that the details of the customer are protected not only by the quality and high standards of bet365. The law is also accountable for their protection, which states that we can process the info only in the following compelling cases: 

  • To ensure the fulfillment of any contract that we have concluded with the user;
  • Our company has a legal obligation;
  • If we have such the permission from you;
  • In cases where it meets the legitimate interests of bet365;
  • When it is in the public interest;
  • When it meets your vital interests. 

What are Legitimate Interests 

If we have a business or commercial interest to process the users’ data, this is called legitimate interest. The security remains at a high level and we do not cause any damage to you or your interests.

If such interests of the company are the reason for treating the users’ data, then we will definitely inform him/her that we have launched these actions. You will also learn about the reason why the process has started, and you will be able to ask questions or express an objection if you wish. 

Please note that if we have a valid reason to process the info, we may over-ride customers’ right to object. 

Duration of storage of the Data 

We guarantee that customers’ details are stored by bet365 in the most secure manner. We use details about the user and his/her activities on the portal only for acceptable purposes. Info about players is stored as long as they are our customers. 

In cases where you are no longer a bet365 customer, we store data about you for a certain period of time. This is necessary in order to comply with the goals of our Policy, as well as obligations on the part of legal entities. Due to technical reasons, the deletion actions may take longer. 

Why is the Personal Data processed? 

Bet365 may process details for various reasons. Among them these reasons: 

  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Development of new products;
  • Conducting marketing campaigns;
  • Support of the products;
  • Development and promotion of our brands;
  • Promotion of the products;
  • Testing of new products, and systems;
  • Development of our cooperation with companies who provide gaming products to us and Bet365 users;
  • Providing quality products to the customers;
  • Responses to complaints;
  • Crime prevention;
  • Detection, investigation, and reporting of crimes;
  • Risk assessment for us and our customers;
  • Interaction with the authorities and law enforcement agencies;
  • Financial reasons, etc. 

If the player refuses to provide us with its data, this may prevent us from fulfilling the requirements of the authorities, fulfilling the contract, or providing the services necessary to manage his/her account. In fact, we lose the chance to offer the customer the products. 

What we store 

During the use of our site, we may store this info about the customer: 

  • The data that you provide when filling out forms on the website or send them to us via the website or email;
  • Communication records (via the website, email, telephone, and other communication channels);
  • Your responses to our surveys and research;
  • Details about transactions that you conduct through our website;
  • Detailed info about the users’ visits to our portal, including traffic, weblogs, location, etc. 

We may also, in some cases, store info from public sources, the media, etc. But we do this only if it does not violate the rights and freedoms of the customers. 

Phone Calls 

Phone calls made by our support staff or received by their department are recorded for the purposes of training, security, and improving the quality of our activities. 

We use cookies to provide the customers with the best-personalized experience. These files allow us to identify players as registered users. 

Data we can share 

We inform you that we may share your details with various organizations in certain cases. Among them: 

  • Authorities and law enforcement officers;
  • Anti-fraud Agencies;
  • Credit reference agencies;
  • ID verification agencies;
  • Sports governing bodies;
  • Third parties to whom you allow to share info about you or ask us to do so;
  • Third parties whose participation is necessary to provide the customer with the services s/he requests. 

We also notify you that we may disclose the info to other associates and subsidiaries, as well as business partners and or legal successors of the Bet365 business. 

Users’ rights

Contact us if you want to exercise any of the rights with respect to your details. Including: 

  • Withdrawing of previously agreed permission (cancellation of previously agreed treating is not possible);
  • Filing a complaint;
  • Access to your details that is stored and processed by us;
  • Correction of any data that is inaccurate or no longer actual;
  • Deletion of any Customers’ details;
  • Restriction of data processing in certain cases;
  • Objection to any data processing if we do it in our own interests;
  • The ability to request a review of a decision made by fully automated processing. 

Changes to our Privacy Policy 

Bet365 reserves the right to make changes to its rules at any time. We will try to inform the users about these changes as soon as possible. For this purpose, e-mail, notification on the website, or other agreed channels will be used. The changes will be notified before they take effect, so you will have time to study and understand them. 

If you do not agree to certain changes, you will probably lose the opportunity to use some services of bet365.