Bet365 Soccer: Tips, Odds and Bonuses

Bet365 football is one of the most popular sports for betting, not only among players from Bangladesh but also around the world. On our official site, you will have access to many types of bets, the ability to watch live streaming of the most large-scale matches, as well as many interesting promotions.In this article, you will learn about top tournaments and competitions, the welcome bonus, and how to start betting on Bet365 soccer.

Special features of soccer betting at Beth365 for Bangladeshi users

How to Start Betting on Soccer at Bet365

Step by step instructions on how Bangladeshi users can start betting on soccer at bet365

At Bet365 online betting on soccer is available in both pre-match and LIVE mode. On the main page of the website, you can also see all the upcoming games, results, odds, and events in the game.

So, to start betting, follow the instructions below:

  1. Register. Click on the registration button, and provide your contact and personal information. Also, specify your residential address and agree to the company’s policies.
  2. Deposit your account. Go to the section with deposits via personal cabinet and select a payment method. Enter the amount in the appropriate line and replenish the account.
  3. Select the event. On the main page, you need to select the tab football Bet365, then choose a match and bet.
  4. Place a bet. Select the odds, specify the amount in the appropriate line and click on the button to confirm your bet.

After the completion of the game event, you will automatically get the money to your account and can withdraw it by any available payment method.

Bet365 Soccer Bet Types

What are the main types of bets available on the bet365 platform

For Bet365 soccer, there are many types of bets that you will be able to see when selecting a particular game event.

The main types of bets are:

  • The result of the main time. You must guess the outcome of the match, namely which team will win or whether there will be a draw.
  • Double chance. Bet on a certain team or a draw, it will greatly increase your chances of winning.
  • First Goal. Guess which team will score or not score the first goal.
  • Match Goals. It is necessary to bet on the team that will score more or fewer goals.
  • Goals of the first half of the match. Which team will score more goals in the first half of the game.
  • Corner kicks. Predict the number of corner kicks per game.
  • Handicap. It is necessary to guess the score difference between the opponents.
  • Goal Line. Predict the number of goals of one team in a particular time range.
  • Final score. For each team, it is necessary to specify the number of goals scored by it.

Of course, these are not all available types of bets, here you will also find options such as “Both teams will score in the second half”, “Handicap on corners”, “Last team to score” and so on.

Top Football Tournaments and Competitions

What are the best soccer tournaments and competitions on Bet365 for football betting?

On our official website, you can also bet on your favorite teams, which take part in the top tournaments and competitions. 

To make sure you don’t miss any important moments, you can enable notifications in your account settings. Below you can find information about popular tournaments for Bet365 online soccer betting .

Champions League

The popular Champions League soccer tournament is available on the Bet365 platform.

Bet365 Champions League is an annual international soccer tournament, which is held only for the clubs of the top leagues in Europe. This event is considered one of the most prestigious and popular, and consists of several stages. Bet365 Champions League betting is available before and during the tournament. 

Europa League

The popular Europa League soccer tournament is available on the Bet365 platform.

Bet365 Europa League is alsoo an annual professional international tournament. Each soccer club must play three matches at home and away. Participating are those teams that ranked at the end of the national championship season, depending on the UEFA rating. The winner receives a silver cup. 

Carabao Cup

The popular Carabao Cup soccer tournament is available on Bet365

Bet365 Carabao Cup is a competition held among English soccer teams. According to the rules, after the first defeat, a team is eliminated, except for the semifinal games. There are a total of 92 clubs taking part. Bet365 Carabao Cup betting is also available on our online platform during the tournament.

Italian Series A and B

The popular Italian Series A and B soccer tournament is available on Bet365

Bet365 Serie A is the highest division of the Italian soccer league system, which is one of the strongest and most popular all over the world. According to the rules, opposing teams play in a round-robin system, and the winner receives a Cup. Twenty teams take part, and each club meets the other on their home field and then in an away match. 

Bet365 Serie B is a championship, in which the juniors take part, namely 20 teams. It is the second most important soccer tournament in Italy.

Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup)

The popular Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup) is available on the Bet365 platform.

Bet365 FA Cup is a national tournament held by the Football Association of England. Many teams from different divisions take part. The winner is awarded a trophy, which must be kept until the following year. It is possible to place a Bet365 FA Cup bet on the official website before or during the competition.

EFL League Two

The popular EFL League Two soccer tournament is available on the Bet365 platform.

Bet365 League 2 is the third division of the English Football League, founded in 2004. At the end of the tournament, the top-ranked teams qualify for League 1. The season lasts from August to May for 24 teams, and each of them meets twice at home and away games. Bet365 ELF betting will be available on our platform, as well as bets for League 1 and the National League.

France League One

The popular France League One soccer tournament is available on Bet365

This is the French Football Championship, with the best Bet365 League One odds on our site. There are 20 clubs in the competition, namely the best teams from the top division of the league system.  Each team plays 38 matches in a season, and for each victory receives 3 points. The reigning champion is Paris Saint-Germain. 

Copa America

The popular soccer tournaments Copa America is available on the Bet365 platform.

Bet365 Copa America is a tournament for South American national teams. It is the oldest existing continental competition. There are a total of 10 teams and the current winner is Argentina. The next tournament will take place in 2024, so you can enjoy Bet365 Copa America betting very soon.

Soccer Live Betting and Streaming

How to bet on Soccer Live and watch match broadcasts via the Bet365 website and app

Bet365 soccer live is available for your betting on many matches, both on the website and the bat365 app. In this mode, you are more likely to win, as you can make your predictions. 

In addition, live streaming for football is provided for the convenience of players, for this, you need to:

  1. Login to your account with your username and password;
  2. Go to the sports page and select soccer;
  3. Go to the “In game” section;
  4. You will see all the available matches in play, where you need to click on the view button that is near each of them.

On the right side of the page, you will see Bet365 live football scores, and below you will see game statistics, a chronology of events, and a table of results.

Bet365 Football Welcome Offer

What are the welcome offers for betting on soccer offered by Bet365

For all new customers from Bangladesh, there is a welcome bonus of 100% up to 60 USD. To get it you need to create an account and replenish your account with at least 10 USD. Then you need to bet on soccer in the amount of your qualifying deposit. 

The main Terms and Conditions are:

  • Only for new adult customers;
  • The minimum deposit is 10 USD;
  • The promotion is valid for 30 days;
  • Soccer bets must contain at least 1 outcome with odds of 1.20 and higher;
  • Only the highest total pre-match or LIVE soccer bet on an individual outcome in a market/event combination is taken into account.

Withdrawal of funds will be available only for verified players. If you violate the conditions of the promotion or try to withdraw without wagering, the bonus will be canceled. Also, there may be changes to the rules of this offer.

How Soccer Betting Odds Work

Features of bet3656 soccer betting odds for bangladeshi users

Bet365 football betting odds show the probability of whether a given event will happen from the bookmaker’s point of view. For example, if the strongest and weakest teams meet, the game will be predictable, that is, the odds on the favorite will be small and your winnings will be minimal. Thus, if you take a risk and choose a team that is not the leader, your bet will be multiplied by the highest bet365 football odds and your net winnings will be bigger. 

Bet365 Soccer Tips and Predictions

Bet365 soccer prediction tips for bettors from Bangladesh

To make sure you have the best chance of winning, we have prepared Bet365 football prediction tips that will greatly increase your chances of winning:

  • LIVE mode. Betting in LIVE mode increases your chances of winning massively by keeping an eye on the action as it happens during the game.
  • Study the Bet365 soccer rules. For starters, you need to learn the basic rules, such as match time, what yellow and red cards are awarded and what a corner kick is awarded for.
  • Referee. Be sure to find out who will judge, because for some referees a slight touch is already unsportsmanlike behavior.
  • An away or home match. Many teams, especially those from hot countries are affected by climatic conditions. Also, the road can have a bad effect on the results.
  • Lineup. Analyze the team’s lineup, namely find out about the disqualified, injured, or new players.

Also take into account the weather conditions, previous match results, and if the opponents have met before.